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Landscape Design

Our design team can do more than just draw up a landscape design plan for plants and trees; we can create a full master plan for your entire property. Moreover, we can provide you with a preliminary video image of what the finished landscape is designed to look like once work is completed.

During the design process, we listen closely to our client’s landscape desires, needs, personal tastes, maintenance preferences, and wishes. Then, we complete a landscape assessment of the property where we determine sunlight variances throughout the property, soil health and quality, and any areas with special needs such as areas with erosion.

By making a design plan your first step in the creation or in the remodeling of your landscape, you will save valuable time and money in the long-run. With our floriculture expertise, we can guide you in the proper environmental placement and in the proper care of your plants, trees, and shrubbery from the very start thus maximizing the healthy establishment of your plants and therefore helping to reduce the need to later replace plantings.

Advanced Landscaping Services would love to hear from you about creating a landscape design plan for your property. Please give us a call at (423) 585-5213 or use our online form to request a free quote.