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Excavation & Drainage

When it rains, are you left with standing water around your flower beds, lawn, walkways, patios and/or pool areas, or near your home’s foundation? One of the most important aspects of landscaping is drainage. It can eliminate flooding problems if done correctly and drainage can affect how plants and lawns grow. Heavy rains can quickly identify areas around your home or within your landscape which need help in draining water away into more appropriate and less damaging areas.

Advanced Landscaping Services can determine drainage solutions based on the particular needs of your property. If you currently have no drainage system, we can inspect your landscaping and suggest a cost effective drainage plan. We can also help you refurbish, maintain, or extend an existing drainage system.

Our team of professionals can design and install the appropriate drainage solutions for your outdoor landscapes; we can also design drainage solutions that will keep water from rain and household gutter downspouts away from your home’s foundation or basement areas.

We also offer the process of excavation depending on your specific needs.

Call Advanced Landscaping Services today for a consultation and estimate on your property’s drainage needs by calling (423) 585-5213 or using our free online form to contact us.